Monday, August 10, 2009

Reading List

This is the reading list for this project. This is not a static list, and titles will be added and/or subtracted as I become aware of them. Please feel free to leave recommendations in the comments.

*Volcano: A Memoir of Hawaii by Garrett Hongo
*And the View from the Shore: Literary Traditions of Hawaii by Stephen H. Sumida
*Hawai'i One Summer by Maxine Hong Kingston
*Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Ghost-Gods by William D. Westervelt
*Island Fire: An Anthology of Literature From Hawaii edited by Cheryl and James Harstad
*All I asking for is my body Milton Murayama
*In Good Company by Cedric Yamanaka
*Pacific Diaspora: Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific edited by Paul Spickard, et. al
*Literature and Hawai'i's Children: Values and Traditions from Many Cultures: Children's Tales Told and Retold edited by Suzanne Kosanke and Todd H. Sammons
*Hawaiian Blood: Colonialism and the Politics of Sovereignty and Indigeneity by J. KÄ“haulani Kauanui
*Legendary Hawai'i and the Politics of Place by Christine Bacchilega
*Three Plays of Ancient Hawaii by Jean Charlot
*Blu's Hanging by Lois-Ann Yamanaka
*House of Thieves by Kaui Hart Hemmings
*Rolling the Rs by R. Zamora Linmark
*Night Fisher by R. Kikuo Johnson
*Part Asian, 100% Hapa by Kip Fulbeck
*Hawaiian Mythology by Martha Beckwith

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